About Us

The Original Bicycle Safety Light

“The Original Bicycle Safety Light”

Midnight Sun, Inc. was founded on our dedication to build a bicycle safety light that would keep our kids safe. Over the years we’ve grown to recognize the value skills education has on improving bicycle safety. We are the manufacturer of blue bicycle safety lights produced under the Supernova:blue brand. Our number one goal is to improve the visibility of cyclists. And, our dedication to that goal has not changed from day one.

The Original Bicycle Safety Light

Our first light “The Original Bicycle Safety Light” was a patented rotating blue spoke light that was visible from any direction (360 degrees) at a distance of over 1,000 feet. The intensity of the blue light easily cut through the maze of heavy city traffic and the density of mountain road terrain. The Light provided a “strobe light effect” that was created as the rotating light reflected off of the rider, the bike and the ground. That visibility allowed cyclists to distinguish themselves at greater distances from motorized traffic.

Our new Supernova:blue LED Tail Light is our platform for change. It grabs attention and it’s legal in most (35) states. Sales of the taillight, and future products, fund our efforts to amend lighting statutes and promote skills education programs. They will also fund the manufacture of our second generation rotating Bicycle Safety Light.

The League of American Bicyclists

All of the members of our management team are League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructors. We are committed to skills education and the empowerment that comes from the skills experience. Every year 500,000 people are treated in hospitals for injuries sustained from falling off a bicycle. Twenty percent (100,000) of those treated are kids under the age of sixteen. More than seventy-five percent of those falls can be eliminated through skills education. It’s clearly time to teach children and adults how to safely ride a bicycle.

Nothing will make you safer on your bicycle than completing a skills class. The experience is empowering. It’s designed to develop the skills necessary to control your bike and build confidence in your ability. Taking a class with someone you care about will change your life. So, grab a friend and find a class.

To find a class or a designated instructor in your area go to: http://www.bikeleague.org/bfa/search/map?bfaq

Bike Blue

We are a founding partner of Bike Blue, an advocacy organization that supports skills education and legislative initiatives to make cycling safer. Bike Blue is a partnership of safety conscious organizations that recognize the value education plays in safer cycling. Bike Blue advocates for, and sponsors, education programs, advocacy training programs, and cyclist’s rights; including their right to choose the light they put on their bike.

Bike Blue’s ultimate goal is make Bicycle Safety part of the US DOT’s Title 23 §405 National Priority Safety Program. This legislation currently provides funds to states for ‘national priority’ safety issues including Seat Belt Use, Impaired and Distracted Driving, Graduating Driver Licensing, and Motorcycle Safety. Bicycle Safety deserves the same national recognition and funding. And, Bike Blue is working in that direction. Check it out!

For more information please contact info@bikeblue.org.