Blue bicycle lights are a smart choice

Blue Bicycle Lights

Blue bicycle lights are vital for anyone who rides. Especially for the 900,000 cyclists who commute on a daily basis. Bike commuters are more proficient at riding in motorized traffic. They understand the necessity of being seen as quickly as possible. And, they know the security that comes from having safe and proper lighting.

The CPSC’s Bicycle Study (1976) concluded that detection and recognition of cyclists was essential to reducing crashes and saving lives. So, they mandated that bicycles be sold with 10 reflectors that would be illuminated “when directly in front of the low beams of an approaching motor vehicle”. Sadly, that out-dated concept is still prevalent in bike lighting laws across the country.

Relying on the headlights of motor vehicles to illuminate cyclists is archaic and dangerous. Cyclists need a light that sets them apart from motorized traffic. And, they need a light that identifies them as a cyclist at the greatest distance possible. They need a blue tail light. 

Biking Blue

Blue bicycle lights are a smarter choice for cyclists. And, they have great value for motorists too. Motorists need to see you. They want to see you. The more visible you are the more attentive they are.

Biking blue will set you apart visually from motorized traffic. Being seen at greater distances will keep you safer. Biking blue will have a major impact on making the motoring public more aware of cyclists. Most importantly, the use of blue bicycle lights will drastically reduce bike/car crashes and their associated fatalities.


Blue bicycle lights are making cyclists more visible and motorists more aware of our presence. When you purchase a blue light from us you are supporting our efforts with Bike Blue to make bicycle safety a Title 23 ยง405 National Safety Priority Safety Program. And, we are grateful for your support. Please check it out!