SUPERNOVA:blue LED Tail Light

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The single light is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to try the light risk free and enjoy the security of being seen. If you want to share the value of biking blue, consider the Buddy Pack.

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The Supernova:Blue LED Tail light is very bright. It provides over 180 degrees of visibility and can be seen from up to 2,000 feet. It has two separate light modes – Steady and Flashing. The Blue LED Tail light comes with two AA batteries that provide over 100 hours of run time.

4 reviews for SUPERNOVA:blue LED Tail Light

  1. C. Satriano

    The blue light exceeded my expectations.

  2. Savannah Bailey

    LOVE this blue light. I have it on when I ride around campus at night and nothing makes me feel more safe and noticed! Many compliments on it, thanks!!!

  3. Gary Peterson

    Love the light

  4. Preston Tyree

    I’ve been using the SuperNova Blue for about two years. It stands out from the red crowd and gets a lot of comments.

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