Being Seen

The best bike light you can put on your bike is the one that gets seen. So, why would any cyclists put a red light on the back of their bike? The best bike light you can put on your bike has to be blue because it stands-out in the maze of red lights. Even the most distracted driver will see the blue tail light long before they see you or your bike.

You need to set yourself apart visually from motorized traffic at the greatest distance possible if you want to be detected and recognized as a cyclist. The brightest red tail lights you can buy are still going to blend in with motorized traffic. We ride too and we want to get home safely. And, that’s why we make blue bike lights. They just make sense and they’re legal in thirty-five states and the District of Columbia.

Why Blue

Blue is easier for motorist to see at night. Photoreceptors (rods) in our eyes provide our peripheral and our night vision. The rods are more proficient at perceiving blue at night and they are far superior at detecting motion especially in darkened or low light conditions. Being seen and recognized as a cyclist at the greatest distance possible is fundamental to riding a bike, especially after dark or in adverse weather conditions. Putting a blue light on your bike is certainly a better option than blending in with traffic.

The security that comes from having a blue tail light on your bike in a sea of red traffic is unparalleled. Our Supernova:blue LED light is very bright and it will get you the recognition you deserve. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee plus FREE SHIPPING. So you can experience the value of owning the best bike light possible without risking a single penny

The Best Bike Light you can put on your bike.


The best bike light you can put on your bike.
  • 5 Very Bright LEDs
  • 200 Degrees of Visibility
  • Visible from up to 2,000 feet
  • Two Light Modes – Steady and Flashing
  • 100+ Hours Run Time
  • Batteries Included


The Best Bike Light you can put on your bike.

Buy with confidence

The best bike light comes with a risk-free 30-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. The blue light may be restricted in some areas. So, please check your state statutes.

Clubs or organizations that use the lights to promote bicycle skills education can get them at a discounted price. Contact for more information or call 303-355-5161.